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In 1993, Prince frustrated contract lawyers and computer users everywhere when he changed his name to glyph known as "The Love Symbol." Though he never said so explicitly, it's generally understood that the name change was attempt to stick it to his record label, Warner Bros., which now had to deal with a top-tier artist with a new, unpronounceable, untypeable name. But it wasn't just Warner Bros. that had a problem: The Love Symbol proved frustrating for people who wanted to both speak and write about Prince. Writers, editors, and layout designers at magazines and newspapers wouldn't be able to type the actual name of the Artist Formerly Known As Prince. So Prince did the only thing you could do in that situation: He had a custom-designed font distributed to news outlets on a floppy disk.

Lovely story.

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Simply bullshit
by ThomasFuhringer on Tue 3rd May 2016 08:51 UTC
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Just because somebody makes great music does not rule out other things they come up with are simply follies.

A lot of times the audience takes these people too serious. Also happens with sports stars.

And no, Bono does not know how to save the world...

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