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Mozilla & Gecko clones The open-source Firefox browser and Thunderbird e-mail client will be updated for the second time in a week because of code changes that have stopped some third-party extensions from functioning correctly.
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RE: Polish
by deathshadow on Tue 19th Jul 2005 18:38 UTC
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>>Nice and adult argument. Could you show me an example of your Polish?

Ok, what the blazes is with the two commas instead of a double-quote? I've never seen that before and it looks really... WIERD... Unnatural even. Some side-effect of a foreign language keyboard or some quirk of your languages grammar or something? Nonstandard non-unicode characters on your end? Are we talking the language equivalent of Reverse Polish Notation? ooh, bad TI Calculator flashback...

Your new question on the other hand, leads me to the same conclusion I have repeatedly come to with a lot of M$ haters, they hate M$ so much they won't use the products enough to learn how to do anything with them... As Varg was nice enough to point out.

Don't like the adobe bar that's forced on you? Turn it OFF. Don't like the quicktime or realplayer playing in the windows and prefer to have it download instead, turn the add-ons off. Wanna update an addon? Select it and choose "Update ActiveX"... Simple.

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