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Two weeks shy of Google detailing the next big revision of Android at its annual developer conference, the current Android version is still struggling to make its way out to devices. Android 6.0 Marshmallow is currently running on just 7.5 percent of active Android devices that have access to the Google Play Store. The rest of the field is dominated by 2014's Android Lollipop at 35.6 percent, 2013's KitKat at 32.5 percent, and 2012's Jelly Bean at 20.1 percent. 2011's Ice Cream Sandwich still clings on to a stubborn 2 percent and the immortal Android Gingerbread (version 2.3!) accounts for 2.2 percent of Android smartphones.

Using an iPhone 6S since it came out has made me appreciate more and more just how much better Android is than iOS - but it's all for naught if Google doesn't get off its bum and fixes this long-running problem. Now that Android at 6.x is definitively better than iOS, it's way, way, way, way beyond time for Google to drop everything they're doing and somehow find a way to forcefully and resolutely address this deficit.

If the latest version of Android is the best (i.e., the least crappy) mobile operating system out there, but nobody is running it, is it really the best mobile operating system?

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Android is the best mobile OS?
by tanishaj on Wed 4th May 2016 16:56 UTC
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Android is the best mobile OS? Wow, not in my mind.

For me, the best mobile OS is BB10 (Blackberry) but I know that I am in the small minority that have ever even tried it. I did not feel the lack apps problem as everything I used frequently had a great native version and for all the important but obscure and stuff (banking, parking, etc) I found that the Android versions worked fine.

I personally hate the walled garden iOS ecosystem but, if it were not for that, I would still pick it over Android. The crappiness of notifications alone disqualifies Android as "best" for me.

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