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Ghost in the Shell is the product of and response to decades of physical erasure and technological alienation. It's pop cultural fallout, a delicately layered croissant of appropriation upon appropriation. It's as timely as ever, but it feels wildly inappropriate for an American studio and the British director of Snow White and the Huntsman to pick it up and sell it back to us. At the same time, Japan and the US have been stealing and selling images to each other for decades, and the result hasn't always been awful. I would still argue, though, that the knotty history that leads to Motoko Kusanagi will be lost in translation. This isn't The Matrix or Pacific Rim, this isn't just a look and a vibe being lifted. This is the entire history of Japan's relationship with itself, the US and technology, and without that, you're left with nothing but an empty prosthesis.

Beautifully written analysis of the Ghost in the Shell casting issue, by Emily Yoshida.

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RE[7]: Over thinking it
by demetrioussharpe on Fri 13th May 2016 14:40 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Over thinking it"
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BS. Obama has been passing himself off as an African-American since his early 20s. That is how he got into Harvard and how he gamed the Chicago political system.

Actually, he hasn't. In fact, he hasn't said much about his ethnicity, at all. Whites labelled him as African-American.

Africa is the most genetically and linguistically diverse continent by far. If you really think that a Bantu and a Kikuyu have any genetic, linguistic or cultural commonality you are a complete fool.

Yeh, so DNA disagrees with you. Culture & linguistics don't determine what you are, your actual genetics do.

Most people in Africa don't consider themselves to be "Africans". In general they dislike other African ethnicities and often have a pathological hatred of their neighbours.

DNA doesn't give two shits about what people "consider" themselves to be, you are what you are. That's the truth of every single living entity on this planet.

One tiny African country (Cameroon) has nearly 1800 different language groups and dozens of separate ethnicities.

Yeh, because there haven't been any Europeans (or European descendants) who're there as a direct result of European invasions, right? There's only one African ethnic group. Every level of deviation between different groups of actual Africans indicates boundaries between subcultures. All other ethnic groups are groups that consist of Europeans or Africans who're mixed with European. That's already been proven -numerous times by numerous people.

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