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Reports say about 100 tax officials entered Google's offices in central Paris early in the morning. Police sources confirmed the raid, but Google itself has so far made no comment. Google is accused of owing the French state €1.6bn ($1.8bn; £1.3bn) in unpaid taxes.


We're coming for you.

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About time, we're seeing change
by Macka on Wed 25th May 2016 06:16 UTC
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Personally I am sick and tired of American tech companies not paying their fair (where fair equals "morally fair", not "legally fair") share of tax in Europe. And indeed all over the world.

Apple, Uber, Airbnb, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, etc. I will avoid giving you any of my money.

In general, tax avoidance is a huge problem. In London, most banks don't pay tax because of their corporate tax avoidance structures. I used to work for Deutsche Bank in London (god awful company), and they don't pay any corporation tax in the UK. Uh, what? You're making money in the UK, so you have to pay up. Imagine if I had gone to HMRC and said that I wasn't going to pay tax while I lived in London. No wonder their (UK/London) healthcare, public transport, and housing is so poor. The UK is not receiving hundreds of millions of pounds of tax that it's due. This money would go to improving public infrastructure, to the betterment of society.

It's also anti-competitive. How are local EU companies who pay their fair share of tax able to complete?

It's immoral. These companies are willing to take on employees who have used public services (healthcare, universities, etc.) but are unwilling to give back. How do you think that these public services function? It's not through the magical money fairy but rather because we all pay our taxes.

This is also a huge gap in perception from capitalism-driven America and a more socialist Europe. Americans don't seem to realise (or are convinced that a rigged system is fine, because they naively believe that the "American dream" will get them into the rigged system one day) that these are the kind of systems by which the rich get richer and the poor become poorer. Europe has a better understanding that these tax avoidance structures aid problems with the distribution of wealth. Again, for the betterment of society, we need companies to be paying their taxes.

It's time that these neoliberal asshats (politicians and CEOs) got their acts together. You wanna operate in a country? Then pay your god damn taxes like the rest of us.

As for Google in Paris, good. They recently paid some tax to the UK government, although it was still not even close to being the correct amount.

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