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Last Friday's news that Nest CEO Tony Fadell would be leaving the company he founded with Matt Rogers and stepping into an "advisory" role seemed like the culmination of months of stories about Nest’s demanding culture - particularly the frank displeasure of former Dropcam CEO Greg Duffy, who openly regretted selling his company to Nest. These reports have largely focused on Fadell, whose management style has been polarizing. But another dynamic playing out may have been even more important, according to interviews with insiders: Google's restructuring into Alphabet last year, which placed new financial pressures on Nest to perform that some say limited its ability to innovate.

I've never really been able to form an opinion on Nest's products - they seem kind of interesting, but I just don't see myself paying that much for a thermostat or a fire alarm.

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Where I live, security systems can only include fire alarms if they get to install them in the whole building. My business is in a strip mall; therefore, Nest was the only reasonable option for a fire alarm that would alert me when I am off-site (i.e., closed at night). Living less than a half mile from my store, being able to receive a phone alert is a good thing. I keep two in my store: one in the pharmacy area and the other is out by the soda fountain.

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