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If LG and Google's Ara didn't get you excited about modularized smartphones, perhaps Lenovo's new Moto Z line will. The Moto Z, which was announced today and will be available in two forms on Verizon this summer before heading to the rest of the world in the fall, has a new system for accessory add-ons called Moto Mods. The Mods attach to the back of the phone via magnets and provide a new look, improved audio, a projector, or other extra features.

I guess this is the new thing thrown to see at the wall if it sticks.

I see more potential in Ara's take on modular smartphones than the kind of stuff LG and Motorola is doing, which feels a bit tacked-on and limited.

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Give us an LTS phone
by FunkyELF on Mon 13th Jun 2016 03:47 UTC
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Seriously... Why does every new phone need to change physical dimensions?

Come up with a solid one and stick with it for 8 years.
Every year you can pack more processing, battery, camera, pixels, etc into the same physical size.

I really like this idea here, but unless they had a commitment to have several more phones that would work with these accessories I wouldn't buy one.
... and if I'm not going to buy any accessories I'd be hesitant to buy this phone even if it's solid all by itself.

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