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Our testing, technical analyses and audio latency measurement database of more than 4,238 different Android models/builds shows that Google has been making great progress in order to solve the Android round-trip audio latency problem, however progress seems to be slowing as the current media server internals are not likely to be hacked much further unless fundamental changes should happen. To date, we have seen no improvements with Android N with regards to audio latency.

We receive emails from all around the world, almost on a daily basis, where developers beg us for a solution to Android Audio's 10 ms Problem. Which is why we're proud to announce a solution to Android Audio 10ms Problem, which you can install and demo today.

Few regular users will ever care, but for those users that do need low audio latency for music/audio creation applications, this is a godsend.

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~8.1 ms is not really good enough.
by crhylove on Tue 21st Jun 2016 03:46 UTC
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And sadly, yeah, I've had to tell guitarists to go with Foxconn slave made iPhones because there is no option in Android.

I record ALL. THE. TIME. I have got my ardour rig down to ~5ms and it's liveable, but still not ideal.

You want less latency. Whatever the cost, whatever the sacrifice, less latency is the goal.

And I think people wanting to record guitar tracks are "normal users". That is a really dumb argument. Damned near half the planet plays guitar for christ's sake.

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