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Another day, another rumor that Apple is going to ditch the headphone jack on the next iPhone in favor of sending out audio over Lightning. Or another phone beats Apple to the punch by ditching the headphone jack in favor of passing out audio over USB-C. What exciting times for phones! We're so out of ideas that actively making them shittier and more user-hostile is the only innovation left.

Tell us how you really feel, Nilay.

Needless to say - fully agreed. Removing the headphone jack is dumb.

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Earl C Pottinger
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Just a second, 44.1K Hz at 16 bits and stereo is 44100*16*2=1,411,200 bits per seconds. says Bluetooth 2 and higher can do 3 MBits per second. So it seems the hardware can send the sound data okay, but why does the WIKI site say that an application can only send 80 KBits per second? Who came up with that dumb limit when the first main use of Bluetooth was to handle audio?

We need a better digital standard than Bluetooth, and considering how messed up USB is that is not the answer.

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