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A few days after Microsoft released Windows 10 to the public last year, Teri Goldstein's computer started trying to download and install the new operating system.

The update, which she says she didn't authorize, failed. Instead, the computer she uses to run her Sausalito, Calif., travel-agency business slowed to a crawl. It would crash, she says, and be unusable for days at a time.

"I had never heard of Windows 10," Goldstein said. "Nobody ever asked me if I wanted to update."

When outreach to Microsoft's customer support didn’t fix the issue, Goldstein took the software giant to court, seeking compensation for lost wages and the cost of a new computer.

She won. Last month, Microsoft dropped an appeal and Goldstein collected a $10,000 judgment from the company.

We accept so much crap from software makers, so it feels good if someone manages to get back at them for the terrible quality of software in general.

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RE[3]: Idiocracy
by otrov on Tue 28th Jun 2016 14:57 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Idiocracy"
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I have not experienced that. As in this case we are talking about a firm, they should have probably manage that on their own. As administrator you can always make what you want or dont want in Group Polices, even the upgrade to Windows 10 or whatever (and Administrator should have been aware of MS aggressive push to Windows 10).

I'm just a PC user as you apparently are. Here, on this portal, I'm just surprised on the classification - IMHO Mac OS is so closed and so expensive that it deserves the treatment that Windows gets here, but on contrary we get Mac OS praise. Go figure...

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