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OS/2 and eComStation In the dawn of the end of IBM's OS/2 Stardock's CEO Brad Wardell pays his respects to the venerable operating system by writing a long article about the history of the OS. Stardock was one of the major third party software houses for OS/2 back in the day and so Brad has lived OS/2 from up close.
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Not quite.

Sorry, my dates are accurate. Windows 3.1 was released in April 1992, and OS/2 2.0 was released in June 1992.

One source (of many) is here:

It's very true that OS/2 2.0 was released with a WinOS2 subsystem that only supported Windows 3.0, not 3.1, and that did cause some issues. It was updated in OS/2 2.1 (released May 1993).

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