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The latest numbers from market research firm IDC reveal that Mac sales experienced a slight year-over-year decline in the second quarter, dropping to 4.4 million from 4.8 million during the year-ago period.

Given the past 5-7 years, it's very unusual to see Apple's PC sales doing far worse than the overall PC market.

Then again, considering how Appple has been neglecting OS X for years now and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, as well as the complete neglect all across the Apple PC product lineup - this really shouldn't come as a surprise.

If Apple doesn't care about its PC business, why should anyone else?

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RE[3]: Apple ..... WAKE UP !!!!!
by jigzat on Mon 18th Jul 2016 00:30 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Apple ..... WAKE UP !!!!!"
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You are confusing hardcore gamers (which are a minority) with the average game player. Most people are OK with modestly upgradable GPU even if they dont upgrade at all.

I used to be a Windows hardcore fan and when I switch to Mac years ago I receive a lot of crap from other PC friends about how it wasnt upgradable, to my surprise most of them never upgraded their PC's and instead ended up buying new PC's

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