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Apple Needham & Co. estimates that the "iPod halo" may have attracted up to 400,000 Windows users to the Mac so far this year. In a note to clients, analyst Charles Wolf observed that Apple's "key drivers" (iPod and the iPod halo effect) "continue to work". He believes Apple is set for even more growth in the future. Wolf wrote: "The iPod continued to lure Windows users into the Macintosh fold (in the third quarter). Mac unit shipments rose 35 per cent, three times the PC market growth rate."
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Hmm. Math.
by deathshadow on Tue 19th Jul 2005 19:13 UTC
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"Mac unit shipments rose 35 per cent, three times the PC market growth rate."

Which means they what, still shipped less than 5% the number of PC's shipped to market?

I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but one really needs to watch how people spin statistics, as well as meaningless numbers like this - especially numbers that only represent one quarter... Which isn't even OVER yet. They are talking past tense about something that hasn't even happened yet. (unless they are doing that goofy accounting "Let's do the quarters three months off from when the actual year is" garbage.)

Besides, August is the make or break for computer sales with back to school (Traditionally one of the Mac's strongest seasons, although it's been sliding down since it seems the schools themselves jumped ship). Wait for August and September for MEANINGFUL numbers, instead of quoting numbers during what is effectively the 'slow time' for sales.

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