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"iPhone has become one of the most important, world-changing and successful products in history. It's become more than a constant companion. iPhone is truly an essential part of our daily life and enables much of what we do throughout the day," said Cook. "Last week we passed another major milestone when we sold the billionth iPhone. We never set out to make the most, but we've always set out to make the best products that make a difference. Thank you to everyone at Apple for helping change the world every day."

There's a lot you can say about Apple and the iPhone - but you can't say the device didn't cause a revolution in computing. This is a major milestone, and I'd like to congratulate all the men and women involved in the iPhone's inception and further development. Apple is more than just the corporate facade and Tim Cook and Steve Jobs. There's thousands of men and women working there, and this is a major achievement for them.

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RE: I can say!
by brichpmr on Sat 30th Jul 2016 11:08 UTC in reply to "I can say!"
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While I`m not Apple hater, I can say that the device didn't cause a revolution in computing. That`s just a smartphone. Nokia had them earlier. It may be the best smartphone ever, but it`s still just an smartphone.

Just a smartphone integrated with a unique ecosystem (Apple's). For many users, that is an important benefit of the iPhone experience....ymmv.

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