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Original OSNews Interviews PC-BSD 0.7.8 has been released and I also recently conducted an interview with PC-BSD Project leader Kris Moore.
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RE[3]: Looks awesome
by Anonymous on Tue 19th Jul 2005 19:19 UTC
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This can be easily solved with metadata, or a sort of "registry" that keeps track of where the libraries are. Any security problem and a program would just follow a tree, updating everything.
Sure, this creats the problem of multiple copies and a larger update. But that's the price you pay to keep installations as free as possible from dependency-hell. Dependency-hell kills. Look what it did to Debian.
UNIX-to-the-core fans will scream. But then again, UNIX-hardcore people: 1) are mostyl network guys; 2) only code in C.
Some people have other type of work to do besides setting up a firewall, and distros, particularly Linux, SUCK in the software installation thing.

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