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So, is Apple doomed? Of course not. As John Gruber says, "Any conversation that uses that word is in silly la-la land." With Macs, iPads, and software applications and services, Apple isn’t a one-trick pony like BlackBerry, to use an example cited by those most freaked out about the recent iPhone slowdown. It recorded $50.6 billion in sales during that "disappointing" quarter, more than the combined revenue of Google parent Alphabet ($20.3 billion) and Amazon ($29.1 billion) over the same period. Its $10.5 billion in profits outpaced not just the combination of Alphabet ($4.2 billion) and Amazon ($513 million) but also Facebook ($1.5 billion) and Microsoft ($3.8 billion).

"I don't read all the coverage on Apple that there is," Cook tells me a few days after my lunch with Cue and Federighi. "The way that I look at that is, I really know the truth." And he's ready to talk about it.

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In my opinion
by mlankton on Mon 8th Aug 2016 19:12 UTC
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Mac Pro and OS X have suffered in Jobs' absence. Everything else has been pretty much business as usual. However I do think they dropped the ball with whatever plans they had for AppleTV and there may never be a good reason for wanting one going forward.

All things considered, I think Apple has to be happy with where they sit today. I mean we're talking Jobs here. Cook can't fill those shoes, but he hasn't sunk the ship.

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