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A number of features or background services communicate with Google servers despite the absence of an associated Google account or compiled-in Google API keys. Furthermore, the normal build process for Chromium involves running Google's own high-level commands that invoke many scripts and utilities, some of which download and use pre-built binaries provided by Google. Even the final build output includes some pre-built binaries. Fortunately, the source code is available for everything.

ungoogled-chromium tries to fix these things.

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RE: In a way a no brainer
by patrix on Thu 29th Sep 2016 09:14 UTC in reply to "In a way a no brainer"
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It didn't, this is just the most recent effort.

Other ones include:

Ungoogled Chromium appears to be more up to date and to merge a few differenet patches and doesn't replace Google-tracking with Iridium-tracking (albeite that tracking is less nefarious and more about "it helps us find what else Google is trying to track so we can shut those holes too").

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