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Original OSNews Interviews PC-BSD 0.7.8 has been released and I also recently conducted an interview with PC-BSD Project leader Kris Moore.
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RE[2]: Looks awesome
by JLF65 on Tue 19th Jul 2005 19:46 UTC in reply to "RE: Looks awesome"
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If there's a bug in a library, not only one package needs to be fixed, but dozens.

Dozens is probably an overstatement, but it is a valid observation. However, look at it this way - I'd rather replace ten copies of a library (if you need to, most of the programs will work fine with the original lib) than to replace one copy of a lib and have it break ten programs.

Sometimes, updating a lib means all programs using the lib must be updated as well. By having a seperate copy for each program, you don't need to update programs which only changed because a lib changed.

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