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Nintendo just unveiled its new gaming console - it's called the Nintendo Switch, and it allows you to play both on your TV and while on the go, with the same console and controllers. The introduction video shows very well what the console can do, and I have to admit - it looks pretty awesome.

As both a console and a portable device, the Nintendo Switch will use cartridges known as Game Cards. The portability is one of the system's most important features; Nintendo's trailer showed people using the Switch in handheld mode on a plane, in a car and on a city rooftop. Nintendo said that people can bring multiple Switch units into the same place for "local multiplayer face-to-face competition."

No information on pricing yet, but it should be available March 2017. It's powered by Nvidia hardware, but that's about all we know about its capabilities. I'm quite curious to see if the device takes a performance hit once you undock it and use it on the go.

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RE[2]: Docking station
by Savior on Thu 20th Oct 2016 15:37 UTC in reply to "RE: Docking station"
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Scaled up/down version ? Is that meaningful in OpenGL when the display port is already stretched full screen to the output render window ?


A lot of lazy Android game developers simply don't bother to scale down their UI for phones; I guess they expect gamers to use tablets, even though the games run fine on phones. And of course the font that works perfectly for 10" becomes completely illegible on 5", the buttons become way to small, etc. I've been burned several times like this, as the games' description usually fail to mention "tablet only"...

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