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Redox, a Unix-like operating system written in Rust, recently rewrote its kernel:

Since August 13, the kernel is going through a complete rewrite, which makes the kernel space ultra-small (about the size of L4). Everything which can run outside the kernel in practice, will do so.

It is almost complete and will likely be merged in the coming week.

The reasons cited for the rewrite include memory management, concurrent design, SMP support, and 64-bit by default.

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RE: Not magic after all
by DrJohnnyFever on Tue 1st Nov 2016 04:58 UTC in reply to "Not magic after all"
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You can still write code that is incorrect or has a flawed design. Rust is designed to eliminate common errors in dealing with memory pointers, one subset of bugs. It doesn't make a flawed algorithm work, just makes it a bit harder to accidentally botch an implementation of good design.

Rust isn't really any more "magic" than say Python. But unlike Python it is usable for programming traditionally left to C. Which is pretty unique.

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