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Plasma Mobile aims to become a complete and open software system for mobile devices. It is designed to give privacy-aware users back the full-control over their information and communication. Plasma Mobile takes a pragmatic approach and is inclusive to 3rd party software, allowing the user to choose which applications and services to use. It provides a seamless experience across multiple devices. Plasma Mobile implements open standards and it is developed in a transparent process that is open for the community to participate in.

Great presentation on the website, but the product itself clearly has a long way to go. You can try it out on a Nexus 5 or a OnePlus One.

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RE: KDE fugly
by DeadFishMan on Thu 3rd Nov 2016 21:48 UTC in reply to "KDE fugly"
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I don't want to disparage the accomplishment but just comment that the KDE aesthetic has always (I've been on linux full time since 1999) seemed really ugly to me. Even when KDE supposedly became beautiful to many, I still just always preferred Gnome (and almost anything else) to KDE *only* because it seemed ugly to me. This shines through in this project also.

Has there been a single design leader behind KDE since the beginning? If so I really think they should consider bringing in new people to break out of that rut.

Or, as they say, beauty is on the eye of the beholder.

While KDE may not be as beautiful as, say, OS X used to be a few years ago (current iterations have gone down the drain as far as looks are concerned IMHO) it still remains as the best looking DE on Linux to me. Although I must confess that I am not too fond of all the "flattening" that is taking place on Plasma and KDE right now...

And while GNOME has become somewhat easy on the eyes since GNOME 3, I can safely state that I wouldn't be using Linux as a daily driver if it were the only game in town.

Different strokes for different folks.

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