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But we know there are millions of older cars on the road that are not compatible with Android Auto, and many don't have a screen at all. We wanted to bring the same connected experience to these drivers too.

So today we're excited to introduce a whole new way to use Android Auto: right on your phone screen! This update allows anyone with an Android phone (running 5.0 or later) to use a driver friendly interface to access the key stuff you need on the road - directions, music, communications - without the distraction of things that aren't essential while driving.

It's not the UI of a phone that causes the distraction; it's the act of communicating with people not in your car that causes the distraction.

Don't use messaging or calling applications while driving. You are a danger to others and yourself, no matter how hard people always protest that "it doesn't apply to them". You can slap large touch targets on a dangerous activity, like Apple and Google do, but that doesn't make it any less inherently and deeply dangerous. You are toying with lives.

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Comment by ins0mniac
by ins0mniac on Wed 9th Nov 2016 00:59 UTC
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I think it's very important where the screen is as well. During the holiday we've rented an Opel Adam with CarPlay and all that, but the screen is placed so low on the central console you always have to look down to see the navigation. I think that's really dangerous, not to mention that it displays messages as you receive them and you are tempted to read them, but during that time you are looking down, not on the road.
On the other hand BMW (also Audi and Mercedes) have placed the screen up on the dashboard, you only need to switch your focus without actually taking your eyes completely off the road. And you control it with a knob that's placed exactly where your hand rests, again without having to look at it. Even so I still find it very distracting trying to operate it during driving, so I generally only use it for accepting calls.

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