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A few weeks ago I noticed some foreign exchange students at my university who were huddled around a Panasonic laptop. This wasn't one of the Toughbook models that are sold in the US, but a newer Japanese model. Seeing this rare laptop out in the wild combined with the recent wailing and gnashing of teeth concerning the MacBook Pro piqued my interest in the current Japanese PC market.

It really feels like the Japanese electronics industry lost most of its appeal and cachet, with the sector now being lead by American and Chinese companies. I love the design of the Panasonic laptop, though.

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RE[2]: Liked Toshiba
by Earl C Pottinger on Wed 9th Nov 2016 16:11 UTC in reply to "RE: Liked Toshiba"
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Some of my older laptops had the FN keys or extra keys on the keyboard were controlled by the BIOS, or appears that way to me since if I went to the BIOS screen I could adjust the screen brightness, screen blanking time-out and sound volume thru the BIOS settings.

The beauty of those old machines I could run BeOS and later Haiku-OS and still control functions thru the keyboard that the OS did not have drivers to handle.

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