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Features, Office "Yesterday, Microsoft let the other shoe drop in a two-pronged attack on the support that has been building for the OpenDocument OASIS Format. It's still far too early to say that the dust has settled, but I'll attempt to pull together here the most significant pieces of information that I've located since last night's post, and what it all means."
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RE[5]: ECMA meaningless ?
by tyrione on Wed 23rd Nov 2005 02:57 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: ECMA meaningless ?"
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You couldn't be more wrong. .NET is a full implementation of the ECMA/ISO standards. MS has submitted 3 versions of the CLI/C# specs to ECMA/ISO. I believe they've also submitted C++/CLI for version 2.0. People can and have created cross-platform code that runs on Mono, .NET, and other implementations of the CLI. There's a compiler switch and Visual Studio option to create standard code.

Actually, Microsoft has submitted specifications for each to be given a unique ECMA standard ISO number.

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