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If you were hoping that this new Surface Book would be a complete overhaul, you'll have to keep waiting. It is quite truly a midlife cycle spec refresh and nothing more. Most people will probably be just fine with one of the less expensive Surface Books, which haven’t been updated, but if you want to pony up to the top of the line, that top is slightly higher than before.

The question now is do you plunk down $3,000 for this ultimate Surface Book, or do you wait for the inevitable Surface Book 2 that will likely come next year? If you have a Surface Book already, it doesn't make much sense to upgrade this soon into its lifespan. And there is certainly a good argument to be made to wait for the Microsoft's next revision, which will likely have Intel's seventh-generation processor.

But if you can't wait, and you're looking for the ultimate Windows laptop, it's hard to look past Microsoft's latest Surface Book.

I doubt Microsoft sells a lot of these Surface Books - in fact, I think they're only available in like 3 countries - but they probably serve more as a halo device for the Surface Pro. Still, looks like a really nice, if a very, very expensive, laptop.

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Surface is the "showcase" line of Windows software, and I don't think they want to directly compete on hardware against their partners, like Dell, HP, and others.

They can set a target for PC expectations, and then other OEMs will come up with "surface killers", or "budget surface alternatives" with much less crap compared to what they did before. I see this as a similar initiative to the "ultrabook" effort, where they also get some small piece of the pie due to high prices.

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