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Mac OS X

Darling, the project to bring macOS binaries to Linux, is still active. After a period of inactivity, the project has picked up speed, according to

Darling is still progressing but in its latest state can not run any macOS GUI applications but rather only basic command-line apps with both 32-bit and 64-bit capabilities. From the Darling Shell there is support for working with DMG images and even using Apple's Xcode toolchain for compiling basic "Hello World!" type applications for macOS and running from a Linux system.

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RE: Future potential?
by laffer1 on Mon 14th Nov 2016 14:38 UTC in reply to "Future potential?"
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If they actually get to a point that GUI apps can run, this could be incredibly beneficial. If for no other reason, it would be possible to run Mac apps on a fast computer! The latest macs are so limited on upgradability, RAM, disk space, and CPU power that building a relatively cheap system running this could really blow out a traditional mac for many things. Imagine an 8 core AMD FX 8370 even.... compared to the ultrabook chips in many macs, this is a blowout.

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