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Frank Azor explains to PC Gamer why SteamOS seems to have kind of... Faded away:

"Valve ran into some delays with the controller, and while that was occurring, Windows 10 was being released," Azor said. "I think Microsoft learned a very valuable lesson - a lot of valuable lessons - with Windows 8 and tried to correct those with Windows 10. It's more gamer focused, I would say. Every subsequent release has focused on gamers. Although their execution isn't perfect, it's definitely improved compared to Windows 8."

He continued: "I think the need right now, for Steam Machines and for SteamOS, isn't as great as it was two years ago, and that’s contributed to the reason why the momentum has faded. We still offer SteamOS and the Steam Machine platform with the new version of the Alpha - the new Steam Machine R2 - and we still sell hundreds of units, thousands of units every month. But it's not a major initiative for us like it was two years ago because it's not necessary right now. We're in a good place with Windows."

Microsoft did better with Windows 10, and lest we forget: Valve totally botched everything they could possibly botch with SteamOS.

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by deathshadow on Wed 16th Nov 2016 17:42 UTC
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Saying Windows 10 had anything to do with SteamOS failing to gain relevance is outright nonsense -- as is claiming that Windows 10 is any good for that matter.

Windows 10 continues the trend started by Windows 8 of flipping a giant middle finger at notebook and desktop users. They are so desperate to be relevant in the mobile arena they're basically willing to tell the market they have near dominance of to sod off!

The stupid playschool coloured start page remains effectively useless with illegible colour contrasts, constantly shifting locations of programs, to the point you pretty much HAVE to install classic shell to make it usable. The scripttard "crapplets" are a fraction the usefulness of previous native programs, the changes in UI scaling tells users with accessibility needs to go *** themselves, and backwards compatibility hasn't been this low since Vista -- something truly bizzaroland given that 8.1 actually had better backwards compatibility than 7 did. You figure in the removal of control over what updates are applied, the random "We're going to reboot for updates in the middle of your working without even letting you save", and the outright spyware that has it constantly sucking on your Internet connection...

To be frank, when someone talks about "Microsoft did better with Windows 10" I have absolutely no **** idea what you are talking about.

SteamOS on the other hand was the laziest, sloppiest, most poorly thought out Linux distro I've ever seen -- and that's saying something given what absolute GARBAGE (excuse me as I blaspheme) Linux is on the desktop.

I mean, it starts out hobbled with crappy device drivers that drags your video performance back two generations, fails to implement 5.1 properly on more than half the devices out there, has audio latency so high as to be effectively useless for gaming much less professional work, and a font rendering system that kerns characters like a sweetly retarded crack addict...

But you figure in most WM's whilst LOOKING modern having less actual useful functionality than Windows 3.0 did, the lack of practical desktop applications other than "I cans haz browsies?", and the lack of responsive feedback that ANYTHING is going on thanks to the dreadful X11 legacy hanging around its neck like a dead albatross...

Well, there's a reason neither Apple nor Google used X11 in their *nix flavors.

To try and turn that mess into a gaming OS? No... epic fail. Whilst certainly Wayland and Mir are making progress, simply put the concepts common to *nix window systems are not conducive to a good user experience!

Hell, given the number of years X11 has inhaled upon the proverbial equine of short stature I wouldnae be surprised if we see Redox be more useful as a desktop OS before Linux is ACTUALLY up to snuff!

I honestly wonder how in blazes the people who use Linux as a desktop OS put up with it. Pa rti cu lar ly wh en it see ms to lov e ker nin g tex t l ike th is!

Taking a sloppy incomplete desktop "If I might interject" Linux stack and slapping their client atop it does not a gaming system make.

More so when the AAA titles for it can be counted on one finger.

More than anything you want to know why SteamOS failed? HERE'S WHY:

We make fun of Ballmer for it, but DEVELOPERS, DEVELOPERS, DEVELOPERS, DEVELOPERS...

MAYBE if Valve had gotten off their asses and produced a few new titles of their own for the platform? Oh wait, that would involve them actually going back into the business of making games instead of selling them, something they clearly have lost all interest in actually doing!

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