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Hardware, Embedded Systems Here is an 8 minute documentary about the recently unveiled 100$ laptop. It shows the laptop in action, and also discusses its aspects with one of the team members, such as the screen, the cheap keyboard, and much more. The video is in Quicktime, and this mirror gives better performance. My take: I am very, very, very impressed. The thought put into the details is just stunning. Every aspect of this machine has a function. Just astonishing.
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by chrish on Wed 23rd Nov 2005 14:42 UTC
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Actually, I'd love to work on this... I wonder if they need any telecommuting technical writers. I couldn't find a link to the project's actual site, just press releases and MIT's main page.

I'd happily pay $200 for one of these for my kid (well, once he can read); the extra $100 could pay for a second one that goes to a third-world kid.

- chrish

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