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If you wanted a portable video editing workstation or a gaming machine you can take with you wherever you go, you'd be hard pressed to find more impressive specs from any manufacturer, let alone one that ships with Linux-compatible hardware like System76. So I mentioned to System76 that I wanted to test the Oryx Pro and compare it to the Dell XPS as a "developer" laptop. Frankly, the company was a little hesitant, pointing out that the two aren't really - aside from both shipping with Ubuntu installed - at all alike. And soon after the Oryx Pro arrived, I really understood just how different these machines area.

System76 has really become a household name in Linux circles for great machines with fantastic out-of-the-box Linux support.

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Earl C Pottinger
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Same here, the ultra/light laptops limit what type of expansions will fit inside them. Example: many ultra lights can not take standard size SSDs so if I want to up install a larger SSD I can't.

The latest move to solder in memory means I can upgrade memory on some models.

I even had some light models wanting to move while I try to use them outside because of a strong gust of wind.

And considering some of the hardware mods I make to my machines, I want something with size/volume.

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