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Oracle and SUN

There's a rumour going around that Oracle is close to ending all development of Solaris, effectively killing the operating system.

Solaris being canned, at least 50% of teams to be RIF'd in short term. All hands meetings being cancelled on orders from legal to prevent news from spreading. Hardware teams being told to cease development. There will be no Solaris 12, final release will be 11.4. Orders coming straight from Larry.

It's just rumours for now, but they've been gaining steam over the past few days.

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So... If they kill Solaris, they will have to kill SPARC too. And if Oracle kill Solaris and SPARC... and they don't give a shit about Java anymore... why the hell they bought Sun in the first place?!?

Answer: To destroy MySQL (because Oracle is a vendor of a proprietary and rather expensive DB).

Most people forget that Sun Microsystems was sponsoring the development of FOSS projects like OpenOffice, VirtualBox and MySQL (among others) quite well. MySQL, in particular, had evolved to the point it was starting to encroach into the lower-tiers of what used to be the domain of Oracle's DB products.

Sure, the community will fork, but they won't have the support in terms of full-time professional devs working on the projects on a regular basis that Sun used to provide, maybe except for the case of LibreOffice. Thus, getting rid of the problem known as "the constantly improving MySQL is encroaching into our turf" was enough justification for Larry to buy Sun. Going with the vertical integration thing was always a secondary "maybe it can work" objective.

PS: I always laughed at tech writers trying to see any other real goal in the Nokia takeover and the Sun takeover beyond the obvious one: Hostile takeover. Oracle bought Sun to stop them from sponsoring MySQL development, MS bought Nokia to stop them from joining the greenbot camp and to stop MeeGo smartphones and tablets from appearing on shelves.

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