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It's official: Microsoft is taking another stab at Windows on ARM, but this time around, it seems like they're taking it a lot more seriously. First, in collaboration with Qualcomm, Microsoft has created 32bit win32 emulation for Windows on ARM. This allows all 32bit win32 applications to run on ARM, unmodified. Microsoft showed win32 Photoshop running on an ARM machine. Second, Microsoft seems to be going beyond tablets this time around - they're promising laptops and desktops, too.

And technically, there's nothing stopping them from allowing ARM phones to run win32 applications (e.g. when docked) either. This is something I personally really, really want to see: a phone that can become a full-fledged PC just by connecting it to a display and input devices. While such a device won't be a powerhouse, it'd be great for the kinds of office workloads I'd want it for.

There's no technical details on the implementation of the emulation yet, but look for those to arrive over the coming months.

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Do not mix up Windows 10 brands
by Milan Kerslager on Fri 9th Dec 2016 16:14 UTC
Milan Kerslager
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Even there is the same name for the system (Windows 10) on the desktop and on the mobile (and they share mostly the same kernel), do not mix up them. Both systems are not substituteable. Different services, different libraries, different ecosystem - all is different. This is why they are talking about tablets, but not about mobile phones.

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