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BeOS & Derivatives

As some may have noticed, my UEFI branch got merged in November, purely by accident too! However, until now, we still haven't been able to boot to the desktop. Whilst still in development, the addition of a simple framebuffer driver and a crucial fix by Henry has enabled Haiku to now boot all the way to the desktop using QEMU.

In today's world, an important milestone.

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RE[2]: Haiku
by marianne on Mon 19th Dec 2016 17:39 UTC in reply to "RE: Haiku"
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BeOS was also one of the OSes I played around with as a teen ;) Probably why I have a lot of nostalgic love for the system. I even considered buying a second hand BeBox in my early 20s when I was collecting a few of the more obscure retro systems. Never managed, but oh well, still have my lovely RiscPC! RISC OS being something I was exposed to as a little girl in school, what with every British school getting those computers, and also an OS I have a great fondness for. Not quite as great as my fondness for BeOS/Haiku though, despite more exposure at a younger age. I almost feel a filthy traitor for saying that, as it was Acorn Computers' amazing BBC BASIC that taught me programming... Sophie Wilson did an amazing job creating that language. Wow, I'm getting so off-topic with all these nostalgia tangents...

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