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BeOS & Derivatives

As some may have noticed, my UEFI branch got merged in November, purely by accident too! However, until now, we still haven't been able to boot to the desktop. Whilst still in development, the addition of a simple framebuffer driver and a crucial fix by Henry has enabled Haiku to now boot all the way to the desktop using QEMU.

In today's world, an important milestone.

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RE[3]: Haiku
by p13. on Mon 19th Dec 2016 18:13 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Haiku"
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This isn't off-topic for OSnews ;)
In fact, quite a few years ago, most discussions here were like this.

I cut my teeth on a schneider cpc64 (which was really a rebranded amstrad), and later a c64, for which i managed to score a geos cartridge.

Those machines were quite old when i got them, but we didn't have any money for these things. They were hand-me-downs, so much like you, i've started out in basic.

I got into linux (on a 486) in 96 or so. I was quite young. Just a kid.

Good times ;)

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