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As some may have noticed, my UEFI branch got merged in November, purely by accident too! However, until now, we still haven't been able to boot to the desktop. Whilst still in development, the addition of a simple framebuffer driver and a crucial fix by Henry has enabled Haiku to now boot all the way to the desktop using QEMU.

In today's world, an important milestone.

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by marianne on Mon 19th Dec 2016 19:41 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Haiku"
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Similarly my family was very poor and I got a hand-me-down BBC Micro as my first computer... the thing was two years older than me! But I'm glad I did, those 8 bit micros were great for learning programming on. As much as modern computers are awesome, modern OSes don't expose kids to such immediately accessible programming in quite the same way. What little kid thinks of installing IDEs, or python, or whatever? I am however glad that at least in the UK, schools now teach programming, instead of the ridiculously inadequate "how to use Microsoft Works and a little bit of Publisher" IT teaching I received. I got a "U" in my IT GCSE, partly because a teacher deleted my coursework, and partly because I just had little motivation for such a tedious and dull curriculum. After my coursework was deleted, I was like "screw it". My biggest achievement in that class was creating a boot floppy that on each boot would toggle the ridiculously insecure Win 3.1 app whitelisting "security" program they had installed... which I only created because they didn't bother whitelisting such basics as "Notepad", "Calculator", or "Help". "Solitaire", however, was whitelisted. (For anyone curious, the "security" program didn't disable pressing F5 to get to a DOS prompt and was loaded by a WIN.INI entry, so my boot floppy just created a second WIN.INI without it and swapped between the two on each boot.)

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