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Apple Needham & Co. estimates that the "iPod halo" may have attracted up to 400,000 Windows users to the Mac so far this year. In a note to clients, analyst Charles Wolf observed that Apple's "key drivers" (iPod and the iPod halo effect) "continue to work". He believes Apple is set for even more growth in the future. Wolf wrote: "The iPod continued to lure Windows users into the Macintosh fold (in the third quarter). Mac unit shipments rose 35 per cent, three times the PC market growth rate."
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Oh really? Then how come my Win 2K system at work always shows 100% CPU usage even in the CPU usage graph (Task Manager) when I open it? I don't see any process taking 100% CPU except the so called "System Idle Processes".

Immediately after the opening Task manager diplays 100%, because its opening takes 100% of cpu for some amount of time:) After some seconds cpu usage falls back to normal level - 1-2%, if you don't have any background tasks (like SETI) active.

If you see constant 100% cpu graph and System Idle is showing you about 90-100% - you have something messed up in your Windows or in Task manager itself.

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