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PIXEL represents our best guess as to what the majority of users are looking for in a desktop environment: a clean, modern user interface; a curated suite of productivity software and programming tools, both free and proprietary; and the Chromium web browser with useful plugins, including Adobe Flash, preinstalled. And all of this is built on top of Debian, providing instant access to thousands of free applications.

Put simply, it's the GNU/Linux we would want to use.

The Raspberry Pi's "own" Linux distribution is now also available for Windows and Mac - i.e., a live image you can run on your PC.

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The Debian+PIXEL system is intended mostly for students (or other Pi uses) who want a consistent desktop experience across multiple devices. The idea is a student can learn computing/programming on a Pi at school, then go home and plug a live Debian+PIXEL thumb drive into their computer and they will have the same computing/learning environment. It's about making things familiar and easy for students.

If you're not a student or someone using Linux via a RPi, then you probably wouldn't use this.

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