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The trouble with being a former typesetter is that every day online is a new adventure in torture. Take the shape of quotation marks. These humble symbols are a dagger in my eye when a straight, or typewriter-style, pair appears in the midst of what is often otherwise typographic beauty. It's a small, infuriating difference: "this" versus “this.”

I'll stop replacing curly quotes with straight quotes on OSNews the day the tech industry gives me back my Dutch quotation marks („Like so”, he said) and adds multilingual support to Google Now and Siri and so on (which right now require a full wipe to change languages, making them useless for hundreds of millions of people who live bilingual lives).

Yes, I can be petty.

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Comment by BeamishBoy
by BeamishBoy on Thu 29th Dec 2016 20:49 UTC
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Even worse than the demise of curly quotes is when quotes - of either kind - are used incorrectly. I've lost count of the number of occasions when books, newspapers or online pieces use a quotation mark to denote the start of a quote only to then forget to close the damn thing with another quotation mark.

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