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Ending this year, Ron G. Minnich has got Harvey running in RISC-V architecture, booting Harvey on Spike (ISA Simulator) and running rc shell on it. But he never rests and now is working on bringing it to QEMU and to FPGA. It's a big step for Harvey because we fixed some multiarch issues across the source and Ron found some bugs in timer interrupts in the hardware, so we all learned something.

What is Harvey OS?

Harvey is an effort to provide a modern, distributed, 64 bit operating system. A different environment for researching and finding new lines of work. It can be built with gcc and clang and has an ANSI/POSIX compliant subsystem.

Two news items about alternative operating systems in a row?

The year's off to a good start.

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RE[3]: From the website...
by piotr.dobrogost on Tue 3rd Jan 2017 19:48 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: From the website..."
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"How does it compare to Genode?

not at all - it's like apples and oranges ... or in this case rabbits and horses.

Genode is a framework. It aims to allow you to use any (micro)kernel with whatever userland you choose.

Harvey aims to be a full OS with own kernel and own (posix) userland.

So this does not seems like apples and oranges at all. If Genode as you say can combine any kernel with any userland then how would an OS built using Genode and utilizing Harvey's kernel and Harvey's userland compare to Harvey the original? ;) Would you still call it apples and oranges?

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