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Ahead of CES 2017, TCL teased that they would be offering a look at the first device to come out of their smartphone software and brand licensing deal with BlackBerry and they've now made good on that, though, they're keeping a lot of the finer details surrounding the phone secret for just a bit longer.

It runs Android, and it's got a keyboard. What more do you need to know? The world needs more of these types of phones.

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by Moochman on Fri 6th Jan 2017 01:17 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Drumhellar"
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It feels pretty decent in the hand, with a solid heft and a satisfying sliding mechanism, though the back is oddly hollow and flexible (like, there's a good millimeter or so you can push it in). Also it tends to develop some minor creaks over time, but nothing serious. It seems to be sturdy - mine has taken a number of falls with aplomb, showing only a few minor scratches and otherwise none the worse for wear. Only thing to watch out for is that it's not remotely waterproof and will in all likelihood die if even very briefly submerged. (Yes, I speak from experience.)

If I were looking for a new phone, though, this new one would be the one I'd be more interested in. Rumors are it will have slightly better specs than the Priv (remains to be seen) and I personally like the form factor a bit better since it's smaller/more compact. That said, it's a compromise since the screen is a bit smaller AFAIK. And as for cost, I guess it's possible to find the Priv for not too much money these days, at least second-hand if not new.

Even though it's totally unnecessary since I have a Priv, I might end up purchasing one of these new phones anyway, maybe a bit after initial release so that the price goes down a bit. If for no other reason than to keep supporting keyboard phones! ;)

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