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Windows Microsoft Windows captured the lead for the first time in server operating systems during the third quarter, boosted by continued demand for inexpensive servers selling for less than $25000 (EUR 21190), according to a new report.
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some thoughts about UNIX future
by kloty on Wed 23rd Nov 2005 20:40 UTC
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one interesting point of the survey is that the amount of sold UNIX boxes is rapidly declining, but the revenue remains quite the same. That means that revenue/box is rising. That can only mean that UNIX boxes are high-end multiprocessor machines with great IO, machines where Linux and Windows are not that common. I think this will remain for a while, because although the x86 processors become more powerfull, they still are hardly used in massive multiprocessing environments (of course there are exceptions like the 32-way XEON server from IBM). Intel and AMD do not have lot of experience to design processors which fit into multiprocessor environments and they don't have to (for the moment, at least). There are clusters, but several usage models do not fit for a cluster environment but demand a multiprocessor system with single memory image.

So my prediction is, that UNIX-servers will go the way of the IBM mainframes or iSeries, they are expensive, they are seldom, but they won't disappear.



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