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Amiga & AROS

Viva Amiga is a wonderful look at the the history of the platform, the people who built it, and the users who loved it. The opening title says it all: "One Amazing Computer. One chance to save the company. One chance to win the PC wars." This message sets the stage nicely for a dramatic and passionate tale.

You can watch the documentary online, but it isn't free.

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let me preface this by saying that as an os enthusiast, I have dreamed about Amiga OS 4 forever. I never used an Amiga during its day. I got a glimpse via Amikit, and I thought it was cool and wished to explore a more modern version with more modern functionality.

So I've been running OS 4.1 in UAE, which I never could get to work on the mac, but somehow it works perfectly in WinUAE in VMWare. And my thoughts are.....

wow, that was really underwhelming. Imagine a slightly cool os with almost nothing to make it usable as a desktop os. The Amiga ecosphere is barren. It's like webOS when Palm was still around, better looking than Android, but no apps. The QNX demo floppy back in the day offered as much functionality as a desktop os as Amiga 4 does.

So after wanting to use this system for a long time, after finally getting to do so I don't understand two things. One, why didn't they open all the source and let the internet take over with the evolution of Amiga? Two, why is there so much perceived interest in this after all these years? There is literally nothing to see here folks. NeXT provided a much richer user experience, a better apps ecosphere, pseudo unix compatibility, better everything on every level. I wish there was the sort of interest in keeping NeXT alive as there is for Amiga, tepid as that interest may be. NeXT is certainly more deserving IMO.

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