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So if you've been wondering where all the Android tablets have gone - here's a guess. They've been held back because it seems like something better is coming: Chrome OS tablets with a real desktop browser and real Android apps. That kind of system probably has a better chance of success competing with the iPad - but let's not set Android's sights quite that high yet. A more reasonable target: undercutting the Surface and all its clones on the low end of the market.

At this point I have absolutely no clue anymore what Google wants to do with Chrome OS and Android.

And sometimes I think - neither does Google.

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A lot more work needs to be done
by wocowboy on Tue 24th Jan 2017 22:53 UTC
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Considering that pretty much all Android tablets available right now are simply horrible, and that most Android apps do not scale and display properly on tablets other than being blown-up versions of phone apps, the prospect of Android apps coming to a Chromebook just doesn't excite me in the least. Put that together with the fact Google announced this was going to happen ages ago and it hasn't happened yet, and I agree with Thom that I don't really think Google knows what to do with ChromeOS. Paying hundreds of dollars for a web browser in a laptop format has never appealed to me either.

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