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I was just reading some Tweets and an associated Hackernews thread and it reminded me that, now that I've left Mozilla for a while, it's safe for me to say: antivirus software vendors are terrible; don't buy antivirus software, and uininstall it if you already have it (except, on Windows, for Microsoft's).

I've been saying the same thing here on OSNews for a decade now: antivirus software makers are terrible companies. Don't buy their crappy software only to let it infect your machine like a virus that slowly hollows out and kills your computer.

Stick to Windows' built-in Microsoft tool.

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Clean up
by jessesmith on Fri 27th Jan 2017 03:52 UTC
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A while back I got called in to deal with an infected website that was triggering warnings from popular anti-virus software. After looking around a bit I concluded there was no virus on the web server. But the company had been getting dozens of complaints from vistors.

So we found out which anti-virus it was and confirmed it was reporting the site as infected, but not giving a reason. We eventually got ahold of someone at the AV company and asked for an explanation. They claimed the website was hosted on a network that was "known" to be notorious because it was free and hackers frequently used it.

There were two problems with that: the company I worked for was paying for their website and it was hosted by a different provider. The AV company was wrong on both accounts, but refused to listen to our objections.

I ended up playing with the DNS settings to make it "look" like the web server had been moved to a different network, told the AV company the issue was fixed. They confirmed it and took the website off their black list.

Sadly, this was one of the best experiences I have ever had with anti-virus software and the people who make it. The "cure" is definitely worse than the disease.

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