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Alphabet Inc.'s Google delivered a sharp message to staff travelling overseas who may be impacted by a new executive order on immigration from President Donald Trump: Get back to the U.S. now.

Google Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai slammed Trump's move in a note to employees Friday, telling them that more than 100 company staff are affected by the order.

The Trump regime's measures also impact the visa program for, among other long-time US allies, The Netherlands. Did anyone tell the Trump regime that it's a very bad idea to make it harder for your third largest investor to, uh, actually invest? Are these men really that dumb?

Interesting to note, though, that Google had to be actually impacted by the Trump regime before it spoke up (only in an internal memo, but still). Meanwhile, Elon Musk is kissing the ground Trump walks on, and Tim Cook, CEO of the most arrogantly and smugly (supposedly) liberal tech company is meeting with Trump, Trump's daughter (...?) and other Republican leaders. From other tech giants who always touted the liberal horn of equality and progressiveness - a deafening, but quite revealing, silence.

So far, it seems like the tech industry leaders are opting for appeasement instead of resistance to the Trump regime's corruption, conflicts of interest, racism, war on science, and Christian extremism. I would be disappointed if it wasn't so utterly predictable to anyone who wasn't blinded by the fake smiles, hollow promises, and empty praise of equality, science, and progressive ideals.

They still have time to be remembered as people who stood up for those that need it the most. I'm afraid, though, we will remember them as spineless cowards, hiding behind shareholders while the free world crumbles to dust.

I hope it'll be worth it.

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"Regime" ....
by cade on Sat 28th Jan 2017 22:31 UTC
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So Trump's running a "regime" now ?

Trump "corruption" ... already ?
Look at Hillary and Bill for real corruption.

"Christian extremism ..." ... I presume in opposition to the muslim extremism related to decapitation of christians, rape of christian girls/women in front of their fathers/husbands.

The "spineless cowards" are those in Europe that are standing by and seeing the "real" Europe and it's potential wither away, those who do not mind that Europe is being run by a bunch of mob-banksters, closet communists, war mongers, etc. ... those that believe Europe's former struggles with Persians/Huns/Ottomans/etc. is an anachronism. Did it matter that patriotic Europeans made a stand against the invading muslim horde that was the Ottoman empire ?
YES it did.

There are those that "bow" and there are others that rise to the challenge and make a "stand".

Trump's job is to look out for America, not kow-tow to the wishes of external entities; be it globalisation, Europeans, Russia, China, etc. Time will tell how "good" of a job he will do. Still early days.

One big test for Trump will be the cancellation of the blow-back based military-industrial-complex-driven war-mongering foreign policy that has existed for decades as a default stance for US governments, be it a Republican or Democrat government.

People turning a "blind eye" to previous (at least recent detail described by Wikileaks) European/US-based war mongering stances and prioritizing on "attacking" Trump for his egoist stances concerning certain woman/incidents (which ... did not result in the slaughter of people) should consider getting a "reality check".

A good thing would be if somehow Trump arranged AMD and NVIDIA to open-source the complete documentation for their GPU technologies so that these technologies can have potential of being more easily implemented in any (hobbyist/real) OS in a high quality manner. Trump could buy them out and form a single entity, imparting America with GPU greatness. A-h-h-h-h just a fantasy, but an interesting one.

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