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Ever launch an app on your iPhone and then get a pop-up warning that says the app may slow down your iPhone? (I have old versions of certain apps, so it shows up for me every once in a while.) That warning usually appears when you're using a 32-bit app. You can still run the app, and you probably don’t even notice the slowdown you've been warned about (at least in my personal experience).

Your ability to run that 32-bit app is coming to an end. As several other Mac sites have reported, Apple has updated the pop-up warning in the iOS 10.3 beta to say that the 32-bit app you're running "will not work with future versions of iOS." The warning goes on to say that the "developer of this app needs to update it to improve its compatibility."

It'd be interesting to know if this actually affects all that many people.

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Remember that the 5c is basically a reskinned 5, and was only discontinued Sept. 2015 (two years later than the 5).

I tend to find that Apple's policies are reasonable in isolation, but they produce some ugly side-effects. If the next iOS release is 64-bit only, the App Store should continue to display older, 32-bit apps for 5c users to download (as long as they aren't purged), but developers will have no way to make critical patches available to their legacy app versions. So while the App Store has some "highest compatible version" logic, it doesn't support branching, and Apple's acceptance policy will reject important updates.

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