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OS/2 and eComStation

Per Arca Noae's revised release schedule, and as announced at Warpstock 2016, Blue Lion (ArcaOS 5.0) moved into beta testing stage today. The first beta release has been made available to the test team, and we anticipate a rigorous round of installation, modifications, formatting, deletion, disk wiping, and all that other fun stuff which accompanies a healthy beta test.

We do not anticipate a public beta cycle nor are we planning a gamma release or an untold number of release candidates. Instead, we fully expect ArcaOS 5.0 to emerge from beta testing at the end of March and to become generally available at that time.

As mentioned during earlier coverage, ArcaOS is a sort-of continuation of eComStation, since it's founded by several eCS developers who felt eCS had ground to a halt.

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RE: They don't seem to get it
by james_gnz on Tue 7th Feb 2017 08:35 UTC in reply to "They don't seem to get it"
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An alternative OS needs to build a user base. Unless they target a specific market, and do not expect growth (like ATMs, CNC machines, etc) they need to have a free version that students can play with.
The OS has become more or less a commodity.

The OS is not a commodity. For it to be a commodity, it would have to be interchangeable. It is often difficult for people to switch to another OS, because hardware and software they depend on may only support MS Windows. Trying to convince people to switch to another OS is like trying to convince people to switch from speaking English to speaking exclusively Esperanto, when all their friends speak English, and the media they read and listen to is all in English. It doesn't matter how crap English is as a language, or how nice Esperanto is, it's still a hard sell.

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