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But perhaps the most interesting of these devices, at least from the perspective of mobile enthusiasts, is not a smartphone at all, but a modern version of a classic workhorse of a feature phone, the Nokia 3310. Known primarily for its plentiful battery life and nearly indestructible build, the 3310 was released at the turn of the millennium as a replacement to the also-popular 3210.

At just €59, this new incarnation seems priced competitively enough to win over nostalgic former owners for use as a second phone.

This is amazing. The 3310 is one of the most iconic pieces of technology ever created.

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3310 for 59⬠?
by benoitb on Wed 15th Feb 2017 09:12 UTC
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This seems expensive if it's spec'ed as the original one.
Don't such simple phones retail for 20-25€ new now ?

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