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Mozilla & Gecko clones Asa Dotzler, the community coordinator at the Mozilla Foundation, said Tuesday that he hopes to attract many corporate Windows 2000 users to the Firefox browser, since they will be unable to take advantage of the improvements in IE 7.
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Oh, sure.
by deathshadow on Tue 19th Jul 2005 20:37 UTC
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Let's go off on M$ for this... Sure.

There's a rule of thumb - the older an OS is the more code you have to add to bring it 'up' to a level it can run what the newest OS can...

Now, Microsoft does this really nutty thing, and it may be so alien to the open source types as to be shocking... they... PAY THEIR PROGRAMMERS.

I know that some of you might have problems with this, let me re-emphasize that... they... PAY THEIR PROGRAMMERS. It is actually possible to make money writing a program and selling it, instead of writing a program and giving it away so some large company can slap their name on it and charge to support it.

I still say Open Source has the potential to be the DEATH of programming as a marketable skill.

I also always note it's most always the same faces always bitching about Security this, security that, then saying "they should update the older insecure version"... Whatever.

Could be worse, they could CHARGE for service packs or release new versions you have to pay a hundred bucks for every 6-8 months like SOME companies. How many times since 2001 have Apple users been expected to pay to jump a minor revision of OSX again, amounting to little more than a service pack that's been known to break things JUST AS BAD as on the M$ side? Do we even want to go into how 'smooth' software version upgrades in *nix is?

The phrase people in glass houses comes to mind.

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