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Tim Cook, during a shareholder meeting, when asked about a possible future convergence of macOS and iOS:

"Expect us to do more and more where people will view [the iPad] as a laptop replacement, but not a Mac replacement - the Mac does so much more," he said. "To merge these worlds, you would lose the simplicity of one, and the power of the other."

Oh really now.

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by wigry on Thu 2nd Mar 2017 07:42 UTC
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Well, they try to eliminate the laptop in favor of iPad however isn't the iMac simply a laptop logic board slammed to the back of the big retina screen together with external keyboard and mouse? If they get rid of laptop, they should get rid of iMac as well. Or do they really think that their iMac is much more capable than their laptops? The hardware spec says otherwise. The laptop hardware packaged in iMac case does not suddenly perform twice as fast.

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