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Mozilla & Gecko clones

So I'd like to tell you my version of the story of Firefox OS, from the birth of the Boot to Gecko open source software project as a mailing list post and an empty GitHub repository in 2011, through its commercial launch as the Firefox OS mobile operating system, right up until the "transition" of millions of lines of code to the community in 2016.

During this five year journey hundreds of members of the wider Mozilla community came together with a shared vision to disrupt the app ecosystem with the power of the open web. I'd like to reflect on our successes, our failures and the lessons we can learn from the experience of taking an open source browser based mobile operating system to market.

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RE: It's depressing
by daveak on Sat 4th Mar 2017 19:14 UTC in reply to "It's depressing"
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It doesn't matter which phone OS you choose, it isn't cleaar what they do with you on your phone.
What does Apple or Google or any 3rd party monitor about you? Every bloody app wants the sun and the moon in privileges and I have NO idea what is phoned home to whatever party.

Most people have accepted this, but I certainly haven't.

Apple or Google, yes. 3rd party? They cannot monitor what you don't give them access to (unless they have some secret deal with Apple/Google or are exploiting a security hole). I'm guessing every app wanting all privileges is an Android thing. It isn't something I'm familiar with on iOS. Just deny access to things they don't need.

The problem here is as you say, people don't seem to care, but that isn't so much an mobile OS thing, they also don't care about Facebook or Gmail, or Snapchat, or Instagram etc. etc. gathering every detail about the users they can.

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